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Dec. 14-31: purchase "Blinded by the Sun" and get "Instrumentality" FREE! Merry Christmas! This is a very limited time offer, so don't miss it! Your PayPal receipt will just show a purchase for "Blinded by the Sun" but don't worry, we'll make sure and package up your FREE copy of "Instrumentality." Want to hear a few audio clips? Click here to visit the MUSIC page of the site.

PLUS: Chris put together a multimedia Christmas card and it's just been posted to the website :) This year we have sound, photos, etc.--just click here for a special holiday greeting! All of the sound files are .mp3's, just 90-160 kb each (so they will download relatively quickly). Four different holiday greetings are available. From our family to yours: happy holidays everyone!

posted: December 2003
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The music is done for "Seeds" (14 songs) and the photo shoots are underway. "Seeds" was meticulously put together (and I hope) while keeping the SOUL intact. Stay tuned for the upcoming release date, it will probably be scheduled after the first of the year.

posted: November 2003
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Work is ongoing on "Seeds." Most of it is finished. I feel the music on this CD is closer to the bone. Look for it early next year. Stay tuned.

posted: October 2003
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I've started work on my next CD, "Seeds." I want this body of work to really represent what I feel is important in music. I'm kind of stepping backwards and taking a good hard look at what I've been doing, how it's been done, etc. I've been listening to a LOT of GREAT soul music, old time Delta blues and my favorite guitar players. I've got a real good feeling about this next collection of songs... The search for the band is ongoing and somewhat frustrating. As soon as players are set, a schedule WILL be announced. Your patience is appreciated :)

posted: September 2003
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Auditions for musicians have gone into extra innings. Finding the right combination to make this work is worth a little bit of extra time. So the story continues ....stay tuned... Performance dates, etc. will be announced as soon as possible (hopefully soon). In the meantime... have you purchased your copy of the new CD, "Blinded by the sun" ??? Downloadable .mp3 are available in the Music section. Stop by while you're here and take a listen :)

posted: August 2003
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"Blinded by the Sun" is done and ready for sale, have you bought your copy yet? Free your sonic soul --support an indie artist and buy a CD!! Promotional efforts are the next step. Among other things, players and performance dates will be announced soon. Check back with the site often or sign up for the email newsletter so dates, times and venues can be delivered directly to your emailbox. Have a GREAT 4th of July

posted: July 2003
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"Blinded by the sun" turned into quite an ordeal. After loosing major pieces to the hard drive hiccup, some of the songs ended up being re-recorded, and a couple of new ones were added. The hiccup actually turned into a GOOD thing because the overall CD is much stronger...and I'm VERY proud of it. We're finishing up the artwork right now and the CD will be available July 1, 2003 :) Song samples (and some of the artwork) are already posted in the "music" section.

posted: June 2003
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Some of "Blinded by the sun" was redone, most of it recovered, etc. ...and the artwork is in production (compliments of Chris :) You can pre-order the CD because it WILL be out soon!

posted: May 2003
Original, innovative music from a creative artist!

Right in the middle of designing the website, the hard drive hiccuped. Half of "Blinded by the sun" was lost. It was in the final polishing up stage (after a year of intense creativity). Recovery efforts are in progress.

posted: April 2003
Independent hard rock music

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"I put the blues in everything I do, so that I know (even if no one else does) that I have one foot on the path." --Eric Clapton.

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