Every song I've ever written, and a few co-authored ones, are located here in my songwriter's library. The current collection checks in at more than 200 songs..and the number grows continuously!

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Indie music CD collection.
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Electric, guitar-driven, blues influenced, original rock 'n roll music.

Instrumental, electric GUITAR music.

Stripped down electric guitar music with acoustic flavors.

Required listening: soul music, blues, rock & roll...GREAT music, past and present.

I want to introduce you to my influences/heroes. Some will be obscure, many will be obvious, more will follow.

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Extra! Extra! Top 100 guitarists REVISED.

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Street Songs Of Love.

Alejandro Escovedo is one of the most under appreciated great songwriters of all time. Churning out great music for decades, this 2010 release combines storytelling excellence, interesting song arrangements, and a punk energy that is incredible for a man who has been doing it for so long. This is all pretty crazy for a guy in his 50s (now in his 60s), who almost died of hepatitis C ten years ago.

Highlights of Street Songs Of Love are numerous and includes rockers "Tender Heart", "This Bed Is Getting Crowded", and "Silver Cloud". On this album you will also find deep rich emotive works like "Down In The Bowery" (with Ian Hunter on second vocal), "After The Meteor Showers", "Fall Apart With You", "Anchor" and "Shelling Rain". Throw this album on and marvel at a master writer/singer/songwriter who still has something to say and who says it in such an articulate way ... it's very inspiring. You gotta wonder why the real guys don't get more respect.

He also has a great fan in Bruce Springsteen, who does a cool second vocal on the track "Faith". MORE REVIEWS.



Great rock and roll bands are not in the large supply that they used to be, however I believe that The Steepwater Band is in that class.
This Chicago four piece (who were a three piece at the time of this recording), is led by guitarist/singer/songwriter Jeff Massey. He crafts blues rock works that run from in-your-face-riff-grooves like "Vanishing Girl", "High And Humble", "Come On Down" to more atmospheric songs like "Remember The Taker", "Won't Be Long For Now", and "Bury My Burden Deep". All these compositions are delivered with penetrating words and melodies, and are not your standard rock cliches. Jeff is also a pretty fantastic guitar player backed by a really tight rhythm section Tod Bowers (Bass), Joseph Winters (Drums). I'm struck by the vast amount of really good songs this band has created over their past few releases. Rock and roll is alive and well as long as bands like The Steepwater Band keep barnstorming the world.

Note: Since this album came out, the band added Eric Saylors (Guitar, Backing Vocal) for a true two guitar attack. Eric was formerly of another band worth checking out..., The Healing Sixes.

Want more? Check out the archived Required Listenings to understand the people who shaped my sound.




A little bit of music history for interested music enthusiasts!

"Leave the ego. Play the music. Love the people." --Luther Allison.

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