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Welcome to the archives. Most recent entries are on top, the older ones are on the bottom.

Happy Holidays everyone! As a special holiday sort of deal, all of the CD prices have been reduced by 25% and are now available for just $7.50 each. This special is good for the rest of 2004. Your support is deeply appreciated and I just wanted to say "Thanks!"

We've also posted the annual Eisenbraun Christmas e-card, just click here. Happy holidays everyone!

posted: December 2004
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"IN THE WEEDS" finally released!
Due to FOUR hurricanes and a VERY busy Chris, "Instrumentality II" is still in production so I decided to go ahead and release "In the Weeds." This is a little bit different sound for me, more earthy and stripped down. I just wanted to hear myself in a different light. Give it a listen for yourself and see how you like it, click here for audio clips.

A note, part of the reason that Chris is SO very busy is that we are in the middle of translating the website into German. A BIG "THANKS!" goes out to Angie Teasley, our official translator! Expect to see some of the pages appearing in the next couple of months. Achtung Baby!

...and "Instrumentality II" will be released in the next couple of months. Keep an eye out! Happy Halloween everyone!

posted: October 2004
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The artwork for "Weeds" is almost done, if you want to see the cover concept click here. Although it's almost ready, we're going to wait until BOTH CDs are packaged and ready to go before releasing them. Instrumentality II artwork will be on the drawing table next.

...and we just dodged a bullet down here in Tampa/St. Petersburg, from major hurricane Charley. The experience left me with a greater appreciation for my work, my friends, ...everything. Peace everyone. Help those who need.

posted: August 2004
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I had a change of plans (which I often do <g>) and decided to team up "In the Weeds," a stripped down acoustic affair, with "Instrumentality II," which is a thick electric guitar production. I'm going to release both CDs at the same time, so you get to see both ends of the musical spectrum of what I do <lol>. They're both finished and we're taking care of the artwork right now. Chris is actually drawing something special up for "In the Weeds." Both should be available in August or September.

You also might have noticed that we've added the PayPal verified seal to the website. You have to login to (or create) your PayPal account to view the details but I thought it was worth the effort to let people know that their online payments are SECURE, with more than 45 million accounts worldwide you can buy with confidence using PayPal. SUPPORT THE ARTS!

posted: July 2004
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Okay so this month Chris is the one mumbling about updating the website but I've been BUSY. The new CD is about to be mastered and we're talking about different concepts for the cover art :) The music is a VERY stripped down affair compared to previous releases. It should be available sometime soon.

Plus we just moved the website over to a new server so there's a little elbow room (and we can upload even more .mp3s sound clips for download). We're currently talking about putting up one entire song (.mp3 clip) for download from each CD. Right now there are small audio/sound clips of different resolutions available. The issue is still under discussion and debate. Keep posted for news on that front. Any questions or feedback: just click here.

posted: May 2004
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I've been dabbling with acoustic, stripped down versions of some of my songs (and have even created a few new ones too). There's even an idea about putting on a few acoustic shows too. Keep checking back, because this is where that sort of thing will get posted. <btw> Chris has been sick as a dog this week and forgot to post the new "REQUIRED LISTENINGS." Oh well, $#@! happens.

As soon as we get a free moment we'll post the higher resolution .mp3 song clips from "Seeds." The quality of these clips are quite an improvement but only recommended for high speed connections. I'm also considering posting an entire song for free download from the upcoming acoustic collection. We'll see.

posted: April 2004
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It's here! "Seeds," the fourth CD to be released (only) through this website is finally ready! "Seeds" is a mixture of heavy Mississippi Delta Blues, 70s Soul and riff-based Rock. Song samples (downloadable .mp3 clips of varying file sizes) and lyrics are available -- just click here! We have some ultra high quality clips that will be posted as soon as we finish moving over to our new server. There is no corporate sponsorship here, so your support is DEEPLY appreciated.

I'm currently trying to put together a band. Bass players and drummers are encouraged to send an email--just click here.

posted: February 2004
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On February 24 my latest release, "Seeds," will be available for purchase. "Seeds" is my next step (closer) to where I want to be musically. You are invited to follow the journey. Song samples (.mp3s) will be available shortly.

PLUS: I've been hard at work engineering and co-producing a new CD for emerging artist, Josh Wattam. His upcoming CD is tentatively named, "Semi-high." Josh is a very talented young musician (singer and songwriter) --click here to hear a sample! The clip is 2.28 MB and may take a bit to download if you're still using dial-up...but it's worth the wait.

posted: January 2004
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"I put the blues in everything I do, so that I know (even if no one else does) that I have one foot on the path." --Eric Clapton.

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