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  • Tuesday; Feb. 20, 2024

    Official Music Video . . .

    "Love On The Wrong Side Of Town" . . .  The pulsating first song on my new album ("A Stitch In Time"), is perusable . . . available . . . for viewing . . . NOW. But only if you use your eyes. Ears help too. Especially if you like guitar-driven, blues influenced rock and roll. Enjoy.

    YOUTUBE | (Official Music Video) Love On The Wrong Side Of Town .

  • Tuesday; Feb. 20, 2024

    Stitch time. Now.

    "A Stitch In Time" full album stream...  The latest curve in the road starts with this brand new album. Twelve new guitar-filled tracks, punching a hole through a blues rock sky.

    YOUTUBE | Full album stream .

  • Tuesday; Dec. 04, 2023

    A Stitch In Time.

    Now I can say this: February 23, 2024 . . . will mark the release of my new album, "A Stitch In Time." Looking forward to it. Fun stuff to come.

    ...AND..., this year's Christmas song is posted on YouTube. ELF Zeppelin has a thing or two to say about Christmas. It's called "The Santa Claus Song" and is an homage to Led Zeppelin's "The Immigrant Song." Enjoy. AND: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! 


  • Thursday; May 04, 2023

    Pendulum Swings.

    My guitar is MORE focused on this album, which gives a more driving, rocking feel to the songs. ...I'm always recording new music. Some of my best songs are ones that just didn't fit into other records. Well, they worked here. This jigsaw puzzle actually took on a dynamic that I wasn't expecting. I found some gems that were a year or two old, that fit like a glove with the brand new compositions. It let this album come together very fast. It soon became evident that these were the songs that were going to make up this record. And, so . . . the pendulum swings.

    YOUTUBE | Full album stream (Audio).

  • Friday; April 28, 2023

    Pendulum Swings.

    The album is OUT NOW . . . , details to come.

    YOUTUBE | Official music video, "Ashes".

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