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  • CD artwork for Gary's Pendulum Swings album

    Pendulum Swings.

    Driving, uptempo rockers with the occassional mystical musical breather (2023). Chunky, riffy guitar mayhem ...


  • CD artwork for The Stone Series of Rock

    Lots of Stones.

    Complex rock and blues songs wrapped in modal elements, jazz elements and deep chordal structures. (2022). Brand new series containing a whole lot of stones...

    Throwing Stones,
    released: 06/25/21.
    Sticks And Stones,
    released: 3/18/22.
    Stepping Stones,
    released: 10/7/22.


  • CD artwork for The Eyes Suite

    The Eyes Suite.

    Keep your eyes open... This is where melody, the darkness of the blues and soulFULL guitar... collide (2020). A crying guitar... is an excellent life raft... so climb aboard. I got ya...

    Blink Of An Eye,
    released: 8/23/19.
    Eyes Open,
    released: 4/10/20.
    released: 10/23/20.




  • CD artwork for Fork In The Road

    Fork In The Road.

    Ethereal blues rock with powerhouse guitar (2018). Electrified and layered, blues rock...


  • CD artwork for Darkest Before The Dawn

    The Sink Or Swim Collection.

    A work in four parts, ... The Sink Or Swim Series (2017): one step further down the road, and sometimes off the road too, ...towards a guitar laden blues rock vision. Just trying to keep my head above water, and not sink... yet....

    Sink Or Swim 1,
    released: 7/14/17.
    Sink Or Swim 2,
    released: 10/13/17.
    Sink Or Swim 3,
    released: 1/19/18.
    Sink Or Swim 4,
    coming: 4/13/18.


  • CD artwork for Aquifer


    Rock songs crafted to bring out the melodic voice and soul inherent in the electric guitar (2017). Instrumental rock guitar music...


  • CD artwork for The Doors

    Through The Door.

    What's on the other side? The first album is more compact and kinda snarky. The second album is darker and more expansive. And, then there's the third album, a dirty pane of blues rock glass that looks inward.

    The Door,
    released: 9/4/15.
    One Foot Out The Door,
    released: 10/30/15.
    The Window,
    released: 04/29/16.

    CD (FOCUSED) WEBSITE: Through The Doors (2015/6).

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  • CD artwork for Darkest Before The Dawn

    The Shell Game Trilogy.

    Four albums, three release weeks apart. An intersection where rocking blues riffs, soul laden landscapes and melodic chord structures collide.

    Shell Game I, released: 7/7/14.
    Shell Game II, released: 8/26/14.
    Shell Game III, available: 10/14/14

    Shell Game IV: rock guitar instrumental (extra) album placed somewhere within the shell game.....

    CD (FOCUSED) WEBSITE: Shell Game Trilogy (2014).

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  • CD artwork for Darkest Before The Dawn

    Darkest Before The Dawn.

    Powerful guitar and gritty vocals punctuate this collection of bluesy rock songs, creating a rootsy atmosphere with progressive and melodic textures. Double CD mini-site (2013).

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  • CD artwork for Just An Emotion

    Just An Emotion.

    These songs run the gamut from blues based rock songs to melodic, singer/songwriter performances. A collection of favorite tracks written over the past ten years, all freshly recorded for this project. Double CD mini-site (2012).

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    ...and there's even MORE music: electric guitar-driven blues rock cds, a collection of acoustic songs and even a couple more instrumental albums. Take your pick. There's a LOT of music in the vaults. That's what happens when you like to rock and roll. You just do it. Whenever you can.

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  • NEWS: 2020

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  • Friday; Oct. 23, 2020

    Chasing Ghosts... (officially)...

    The new album also brings us a brand stinking new official music video. "Chasing Ghosts", I think is one of the best rock songs that I've ever written. It's got groove, lots of attitude and enough of a slice of the blues to keep me satifsfied. Shockingly..., there's a lot of guitar too, but nothing sinister.

    We're all chasing ghosts. New ones. Old ones. Ones we can't lay our finger on....

    YOUTUBE | Chasing Ghosts.

  • Friday; Oct. 23, 2020

    CROSSEYED: out today!

    From out of left field... today brings the final chapter to The Eyes Suite, ...called "Crosseyed". It was a surprise to me, because in my head... I was ready to move onto some new terrain. Lo! And, Behold! I found that I had some really good material that was going to get left behind. We can't let that happen. What I found is the bridge to what comes next.... as well, as being... well, a record that stands on its own. That's why I couldn't leave it behind. This CD ...actually.... stands as... my favorite of the three. This album rocks a little harder. The writing has a little more depth. And... right now, I have a big smile on my face. It's CROSSEYED time. Time to rock and roll. The full album stream is posted on Youtube (as usual). And we actually made hardcopy CDs too (for those who like it like that). Enjoy.

    YOUTUBE | Full album stream.

  • Monday; July 27, 2020

    "Eyes Open" Video Posted.

    The NEWest posted video is the title track from my recent album, "Eyes Open". A lot of the footage for this one was created during the lockdown ... in places UNusually devoid of people. We made the strangeness work for us. As for the song, has a melodic quality... more in the soulFULL rock domain ...than my norm... but...still with plenty of guitar. I think the soulFULL quality of the song DEFinitely helped get us around the huge constraints ... of ... everything. It was really cool that the song could carry so much of the weight. This is the last music video we will be making for the "Eyes Open" album. I think it is a good transition to... what comes next.....

    YOUTUBE | Eyes Open.

  • Thursday; May 21, 2020

    A Burning Sensation.

    A few sides of the blues...with a whole lotta rock and roll attitude. This is a swampy affair with some grit, guitar and a little sarcasm to boot. It begins with a dobro and then gets electrified. That's guitar talk. It's what I do. Be thankful you don't have to live inside my head. It's too crowded in here... so many stories... trying to get out. But that's rock and roll.

    First official music video from my album, "Eyes Open."

    YOUTUBE | Waiting To Burn.

  • Saturday; May 16, 2020

    CD Review - Eyes Open.

    Translated from the original Dutch by Google Translate
    Review: Gary Eisenbraun - Eyes Open.
    16 mei 2020
    Tekst: Filip Heidinga

    Multi-instrumentalist Gary Eisenbraun has been releasing an album every year for years, and we've talked about him on Bluestown Music before. Eisenbraun's music is as diverse as the man himself, from blues to rock and soul Eisenbraun does not turn his hand.

    Eyes Open is the second album in the “eyes” trilogy. Eisenbraun has often made a series of albums, for example the "Shell Game" series (three albums) and the "Sink or Swim" series (four albums).

    This trilogy started late last year with the "Blink of an Eye" album (see review here). The inspiration for this series is rock, but Eisenbraun doesn't forget the blues either.
    The "Eyes Open" album was not easy for Eisenbraun, he says on Facebook. Constantly, the track list of the album was changed by him until he was satisfied. He is now ready for a break from this project but knowing Eisenbraun there will be a new album soon.

    The album "Eyes Open" starts nice and quiet with the acoustic guitar of Eisenbraun. Slowly the song Waiting To Burn develops and Eisenbraun switches to electric guitar.
    Another Wasted Sundown starts a lot heavier than Waiting to Burn but, like almost every song on this album, contains many tempo changes. Waiting to Burn passes nicely in the next song Weight of the World. This song is the longest song on the album at seven minutes, an album where each song is about five minutes long.
    Eisenbraun shows with Weight of the World that he is mainly a storyteller who uses his music as an instrument to tell his stories. After the longest song comes the shortest song from the album, less than five minutes long. The rock influences of Eisenbraun can be heard on Calling It Love. Calling It Love is a nice rock song that is reminiscent of eighties rock music and can be played on the radio.
    Other Side of Crying, like the other songs on this album, is not a cheerful subject, but Eisenbraun knows how to make a cheerful sounding song out of this. If you didn't listen to the lyrics, you would think it's about something else.
    From the first tones of Thorns, Eisenbraun manages to create a beautiful atmosphere and keep it up for five and a half minutes. Thorns, together with Waiting to Burn, is certainly one of the most beautiful songs on the album.
    Clutches of the Rain starts quietly and the low-key voice of Eisenbraun fits in well with this, usually Eisenbraun goes crazy later in the song but with this song he keeps his voice down. His guitar clearly thinks differently and occasionally raves.
    The title track Eyes Open starts with a very nice groove and slowly develops into a nice swinging song. Bed of Feathers creates a much darker atmosphere from the first notes than the other songs, most of the songs on this album the music sounds light and the lyrics are dark. Both sound dark in this song.
    Just like Waiting To Burn, I Suspect starts with an acoustic guitar, a nice change between all electric guitars. Later, of course, Eisenbraun's electric guitar will be added, but you will still hear the acoustic guitar. What immediately strikes at Your Saving Grace is that the drums are very hard in the mix, which gives the song a wonderful groove. Eisenbraun closes the album with When Will My Luck Change ?, a great blues song.

    In short: Again a very good album by Gary Eisenbraun on which he shows that he is just as good in blues as in rock songs.

    YOUTUBE | Full album stream.

  • Friday; April 10, 2020

    Blink first. Then..., open eyes.

    An album where melody and the darkness of the blues collide.... When you're creating an album you don't really know where you are going with it. If you are too aware of that... you are doomed to fail. It's ONLY after the fact that you can figure out where your unconscious mind was heading. What is the common thread that links these songs together? With me, it's always the blues. But..., sometimes that is masked in different ways. I hear darkness with a light... and a way to... get out. That's the real blues. We are not doomed in our own lives. There is hope in the micro and the macro. You just have to get past the moment and the blues helps you see the real light. It helps you get.. past the moment and into what lies beyond... Some mud is slung. Some hurt is captured. Some pain is unrequited. But, ... that's what we all go through. If it was that easy... we wouldn't feel the blues and .... a ... need for healing. A crying guitar... is an excellent life raft... so climb aboard. I got ya.

    YOUTUBE | Full album stream.

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