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  • CD artwork for Gary's Pendulum Swings album

    Pendulum Swings.

    Driving, uptempo rockers with the occassional mystical musical breather (2023). Chunky, riffy guitar mayhem ...


  • CD artwork for The Stone Series of Rock

    Lots of Stones.

    Complex rock and blues songs wrapped in modal elements, jazz elements and deep chordal structures. (2022). Brand new series containing a whole lot of stones...

    Throwing Stones,
    released: 06/25/21.
    Sticks And Stones,
    released: 3/18/22.
    Stepping Stones,
    released: 10/7/22.


  • CD artwork for The Eyes Suite

    The Eyes Suite.

    Keep your eyes open... This is where melody, the darkness of the blues and soulFULL guitar... collide (2020). A crying guitar... is an excellent life raft... so climb aboard. I got ya...

    Blink Of An Eye,
    released: 8/23/19.
    Eyes Open,
    released: 4/10/20.
    released: 10/23/20.




  • CD artwork for Fork In The Road

    Fork In The Road.

    Ethereal blues rock with powerhouse guitar (2018). Electrified and layered, blues rock...


  • CD artwork for Darkest Before The Dawn

    The Sink Or Swim Collection.

    A work in four parts, ... The Sink Or Swim Series (2017): one step further down the road, and sometimes off the road too, ...towards a guitar laden blues rock vision. Just trying to keep my head above water, and not sink... yet....

    Sink Or Swim 1,
    released: 7/14/17.
    Sink Or Swim 2,
    released: 10/13/17.
    Sink Or Swim 3,
    released: 1/19/18.
    Sink Or Swim 4,
    coming: 4/13/18.


  • CD artwork for Aquifer


    Rock songs crafted to bring out the melodic voice and soul inherent in the electric guitar (2017). Instrumental rock guitar music...


  • CD artwork for The Doors

    Through The Door.

    What's on the other side? The first album is more compact and kinda snarky. The second album is darker and more expansive. And, then there's the third album, a dirty pane of blues rock glass that looks inward.

    The Door,
    released: 9/4/15.
    One Foot Out The Door,
    released: 10/30/15.
    The Window,
    released: 04/29/16.

    CD (FOCUSED) WEBSITE: Through The Doors (2015/6).

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  • CD artwork for Darkest Before The Dawn

    The Shell Game Trilogy.

    Four albums, three release weeks apart. An intersection where rocking blues riffs, soul laden landscapes and melodic chord structures collide.

    Shell Game I, released: 7/7/14.
    Shell Game II, released: 8/26/14.
    Shell Game III, available: 10/14/14

    Shell Game IV: rock guitar instrumental (extra) album placed somewhere within the shell game.....

    CD (FOCUSED) WEBSITE: Shell Game Trilogy (2014).

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  • CD artwork for Darkest Before The Dawn

    Darkest Before The Dawn.

    Powerful guitar and gritty vocals punctuate this collection of bluesy rock songs, creating a rootsy atmosphere with progressive and melodic textures. Double CD mini-site (2013).

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  • CD artwork for Just An Emotion

    Just An Emotion.

    These songs run the gamut from blues based rock songs to melodic, singer/songwriter performances. A collection of favorite tracks written over the past ten years, all freshly recorded for this project. Double CD mini-site (2012).

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    ...and there's even MORE music: electric guitar-driven blues rock cds, a collection of acoustic songs and even a couple more instrumental albums. Take your pick. There's a LOT of music in the vaults. That's what happens when you like to rock and roll. You just do it. Whenever you can.

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  • Thursday; Mar. 12, 2020

    One More Blink!

    I have a new album coming out April 10... but, more on that later. For right NOW..., I have a new video on the channel. This song, "Drive It Into the Ground"... I think it represents me... well. You might have guessed by now... that I like to play the guitar. A little bit. I also like a funky groove. And, I like a little mysticism.

    Here's the story: On a voyage looking for a planet where guitars reign... I found a planet named, Stratocaster...., in the galaxy of Tremolo. Really. On the planet of Stratocaster, Blues Rock is king and his son's name is Muddy Wolf. This song has been known to be played there. At least once. The trip is cheesey. The journey worthwhile. Pack some Jack Daniels and... Let's GO!

    YOUTUBE | Drive It Into The Ground.

  • Friday; Jan. 10, 2020

    CD Review: Blink Of An Eye

    Translated from the original Dutch by Google Translate
    Review: Gary Eisenbraun Blink Of An Eye
    20 december 2019
    Text: Peter Marinus

    I have been counting on the website of singer-multi-instrumentalist Gary Eisenbraum and then come to the conclusion that we are dealing with the eighteenth album of this artist !!! Gary is originally from Rochester, New York and currently lives in Tampa Bay, Florida. He was inspired by rock acts such as The Allman Brothers Band, the Black Crowes and Ian Moore as soul artists such as Al Green and Otis Redding.

    On his new album, Gary plays all the instruments himself and it is especially his hard, raw guitar sound that stands out immediately. A guitar sound that is reminiscent of the raw raw guitar sound of Neil Young. The soul influences are mainly reflected in the experienced raw voice of Gary.

    Of course it is great if you play all the instruments yourself and then come up with an album that has a sound as if a band is playing. Only in drumming does Gary sometimes fall short. Zin drum style is at times somewhat woody.

    Still, this album really impresses me. There are a number of songs on the album that are reminiscent of Ian Moore in terms of sound, such as the opener Blink Of An Eye. A mid-tempo song with clear soul influences and with a burning hard guitar.

    The driving Can’t Think About Love also reminds me of Ian Moore. Gary's sandpaper voice sounds extremely soulful here and the howling guitar work reveals slight Allman Brothers influences. Then the blues gets a good deal of attention in the slow-moving Delta blues of Right Down In The Middle. A song that turns into funky driving blues rock with unrivaled raw-cutting guitar skills. The sultry funky Easier Said Than Done sounds quite intense with his floating guitar and log-pumping guitar riffs.

    Time Catching Up With Me is an intimate and atmospheric ballad, comparable to the quieter work of Jeff Healey. The semi-acoustic Coming Up For Air is also a ballad with a melancholic sound with accompanying howling guitar.

    Hiding In Plain Sight is then a soggy grooving blues rocker with riffs that are well immersed in the fuzz. Drive It Into The Ground sounds nasty. A heavily buzzing slow blues rock shuffle in which the tempo is lowered at some point to make room for a loud howling guitar solo. In the mid-tempo One More Shot To My Heart there are quite a few Thin Lizzy influences and in Another Lover On The Run a Neil Young & Crazy Horse-like rawness is coupled with a floating Pink Floyd-like sound.

    After the languid and threatening Pale Moon, Gary closes the album with the very soggy boogie Wind Me Up, a massive Z.Z. Top-like song with beautiful melodic breaks.
    I think it is unimaginable that we now realize that Gary Eisenbraum is a very talented blues rock artist who has delivered a great eighteenth album.
    Read the original review....

    Blues, Rock, Roots & Americana... Bluestown Music website.

  • Friday; Aug. 23, 2019

    In A Blink: Brand New CD!

    What makes this album different from previous ones? It's all rock and roll, but this one has more blues rock in it. I hate to use the term "blues rock" because my music doesn't fit tightly into that category. Look, I know that I'm not playing into the stereotype of this music, ...but rather the intent of the genre. This music has to move, or face extinction and I'm trying to move it in my own (humble) way. I'm proud of this album because my overall musical vision is becoming clearer. Not only that, but I feel like my song-writing is taking on more depth, my production skills are growing and I am finding out that the possibilities of a guitar...are endless. It's all... one more step down the road. Everything is endlessly changing and growing. I don't want to blink... or I might miss it..

    The album is available on compact disc and/or as a download/stream.

    YOUTUBE | Full album stream (audio).

  • Thursday; Aug. 22, 2019

    Rock & Roll Incantation.

    Casting a spell with my fender strat. "Blink Of An Eye" is the first official music video from my brand new album (of the same name). I've bookended the song with guitar solos front and back that travel with the magician as he wonders the shore in search of answers. Rock and roll holds the key ( everything). Right?

    YOUTUBE | Blink Of An Eye.

  • Monday; July 15, 2019

    The Blink Of An Eye...

    ... A Sonic Crime Of Epic Proportions. Release date: Aug. 23, 2019. Well, I can FINALLY divulge... that my new CD ("Blink Of An Eye") ... is coming out pretty soon. The CD packaging is in process right now. But, what's in my hand... represents the reality, coming to fruition.

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