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  • CD artwork for Gary's Pendulum Swings album

    Pendulum Swings.

    Driving, uptempo rockers with the occassional mystical musical breather (2023). Chunky, riffy guitar mayhem ...


  • CD artwork for The Stone Series of Rock

    Lots of Stones.

    Complex rock and blues songs wrapped in modal elements, jazz elements and deep chordal structures. (2022). Brand new series containing a whole lot of stones...

    Throwing Stones,
    released: 06/25/21.
    Sticks And Stones,
    released: 3/18/22.
    Stepping Stones,
    released: 10/7/22.


  • CD artwork for The Eyes Suite

    The Eyes Suite.

    Keep your eyes open... This is where melody, the darkness of the blues and soulFULL guitar... collide (2020). A crying guitar... is an excellent life raft... so climb aboard. I got ya...

    Blink Of An Eye,
    released: 8/23/19.
    Eyes Open,
    released: 4/10/20.
    released: 10/23/20.




  • CD artwork for Fork In The Road

    Fork In The Road.

    Ethereal blues rock with powerhouse guitar (2018). Electrified and layered, blues rock...


  • CD artwork for Darkest Before The Dawn

    The Sink Or Swim Collection.

    A work in four parts, ... The Sink Or Swim Series (2017): one step further down the road, and sometimes off the road too, ...towards a guitar laden blues rock vision. Just trying to keep my head above water, and not sink... yet....

    Sink Or Swim 1,
    released: 7/14/17.
    Sink Or Swim 2,
    released: 10/13/17.
    Sink Or Swim 3,
    released: 1/19/18.
    Sink Or Swim 4,
    coming: 4/13/18.


  • CD artwork for Aquifer


    Rock songs crafted to bring out the melodic voice and soul inherent in the electric guitar (2017). Instrumental rock guitar music...


  • CD artwork for The Doors

    Through The Door.

    What's on the other side? The first album is more compact and kinda snarky. The second album is darker and more expansive. And, then there's the third album, a dirty pane of blues rock glass that looks inward.

    The Door,
    released: 9/4/15.
    One Foot Out The Door,
    released: 10/30/15.
    The Window,
    released: 04/29/16.

    CD (FOCUSED) WEBSITE: Through The Doors (2015/6).

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  • CD artwork for Darkest Before The Dawn

    The Shell Game Trilogy.

    Four albums, three release weeks apart. An intersection where rocking blues riffs, soul laden landscapes and melodic chord structures collide.

    Shell Game I, released: 7/7/14.
    Shell Game II, released: 8/26/14.
    Shell Game III, available: 10/14/14

    Shell Game IV: rock guitar instrumental (extra) album placed somewhere within the shell game.....

    CD (FOCUSED) WEBSITE: Shell Game Trilogy (2014).

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  • CD artwork for Darkest Before The Dawn

    Darkest Before The Dawn.

    Powerful guitar and gritty vocals punctuate this collection of bluesy rock songs, creating a rootsy atmosphere with progressive and melodic textures. Double CD mini-site (2013).

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  • CD artwork for Just An Emotion

    Just An Emotion.

    These songs run the gamut from blues based rock songs to melodic, singer/songwriter performances. A collection of favorite tracks written over the past ten years, all freshly recorded for this project. Double CD mini-site (2012).

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    ...and there's even MORE music: electric guitar-driven blues rock cds, a collection of acoustic songs and even a couple more instrumental albums. Take your pick. There's a LOT of music in the vaults. That's what happens when you like to rock and roll. You just do it. Whenever you can.

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  • Wednesday; May 15, 2019

    A Song That Is Hard To Classify...

    Sometimes songs defy classification...and that's a good thing. When you think of it, a lot of rock and roll is made up of songs that don't really fit classification. When they turn out really well, they're something special ... and I think this is one of those kind of songs. So all things being said, welcome to my new music video from Fork In The Road. Check it out on my YouTube channel. ...and.... enjoy.

  • Friday; March 1, 2019

    A New Fork-full...

    The red light is indeed on. Fork In The Road is both the title song from the new album ... and is the latest music video uploaded to my YouTube channel. This one has a really good rock and roll feel to it with some freaky backwards video effects (to match the backwards guitar parts). Hey. If it's good enough for Hendrix, ... it's good enough for me. This is also our first foray into 4K UHD,,, as pleasing on the eyes as it is on the ears. LOL. Ha. Enjoy the video.

  • Friday; November 9, 2018

    CD + Video. Here. Now!

    Behind bars, ...with guitars (and the blues). Fork In The Road has spawned its first video, "Nothing's Gonna Save Me". It's already uploaded and watch-able. And the album is... hear-able, on all streaming / downloading services. PLUS: you can buy hardcopy, old school CDs from,, etc.

    This album is truly a labor of love. I don't think one has excited me as much as this one... in a very long time. As an artist, you pour your heart out ...and see what happens. At this point... you can hear my heart beat too. You can also hear my guitar. Ha. Lucky you. The full album stream has been uploaded to YouTube to hear/see for yourself. In the coming months, expect several videos to come off this album. Anyway. I hope you... enjoy! And if you like it, drop me a line. I'm just a humble guitar player trying to make music... the best I can.

  • Wednesday; October 3, 2018

    Put A Fork In This!

    I arrived at a "Fork In The Road" . . . I was standing at a crossroads... had 60 songs in the hopper and..., instead of forging ahead, collecting a large number of songs and then spreading them around, between releases.... I decided to STOP! Take the best that I had... and make just one album. What I arrived at is the cream of the crop. November 9 (2018) will bring the release of my very ambitious new album, "Fork In The Road". And get this... this is also going to be available on CD (at,, etc.). I can't wait to share this with you!

  • Friday; May 11, 2018

    NEW! Sink Or Swim 4 Video.

    "My horizon is always bathed in the sun. I'm shadow boxing, 'cause I know what you've done." ...the first lines of the song, "Boundaries," the fiery new video from Sink Or Swim 4. This song is kind of a blues rock epic, the kind which just begged for some extravagent imagery to bring it to life. I gave a little bit of artistic license to the art department and boy was that offer was taken up with some gusto! Check it out (if you dare). Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha....

    YOUTUBE | Boundaries.


  • Friday; April 13, 2018

    Sink Or Swim 4 Now Available.

    ...the final chapter in the Sink Or Swim Collection... This is the close of one of the most rewarding artistic cycles of my life. Yes, it was very ambitious to release this much music and I agonized over that very thought. Believe me, there was a lot more  that I did not release. I don't spend a lot of time listening to what I've created, but I checked back with these albums and I think they all stand up. I take all parts of songwriting very seriously. Lyrically..., I think that I've hit on some cool concepts that I wanted to explore. The more life I experience, the more stories I seem to be able to cull. And... the journey continues..., so... enjoy.

    YOUTUBE | Full album stream (audio videos).

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