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The instrumentals: acoustic and electric guitar music.
Instrumental music, free your sonic soul...

A Vision Childe Productions release

All songs
© 2000-2002
G. Eisenbraun

Blinded by the sun, by Gary Eisenbraun
Released: 02/25/03


Original instrumental music CD featuring the "voice" of the guitar (both electric and acoustic). This is the first "Instrumentality" packaged and released to the public -- an entirely instrumental work featuring the "voice" of the electric guitar. This CD is currently out of print.

1. "Booyah"
3."Pi(e) In The Sky"
4. "Bling! Bling!"
6. "Movement"
7. "Night Blindness"
8. "Galloping Ghost"
9. "[Brain] Storm Chaser"
10. "Feast Or Famine"
11. "Cavedweller"
12. "Otherworld"
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Indie music CD from Gary Eisenbraun: "Instrumentality".

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