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So many musicians have tried to answer this. We all KNOW the answer, it's articulating it - that's the problem. So many answers to one simple question. Here's one I like: "A musician has soul when he plays music because he is compelled to, rather than chooses to. Music has soul when it reminds listeners that they have one by stirring something within them, touching them somewhere deeper than their head. Music with soul doesn't just entertain - it speaks. And it doesn't just speak. It has something to say. ... There is no wall between the artist and the art; everything he has goes into his music." (Alan Paul, intro to Gregg Allman "One more try: an anthology").

One of the many photos taken from the Make it REAL photo shoot.

Why am I talking about soul on a rock and roll website? Because my music is deeply steeped in the styles of the Delta blues, Motown and Memphis soul, mixed in with old-fashioned classic rock & roll.

ARTIST NOTE: Today's music scene tends to put musicians in little boxes that are easy to market. I don't care to endorse that sort of limitation on creativity and that's where the indie label moniker comes into being. What is "Indie music"? Artists making music that is outside of the box and hard to label (pun intended <g>). My music isn't pure blues, or just rock & roll or just soul or just...anything but mine. Words that apply to my music? Guitar-driven, blues influenced, soulFULL rock 'n roll music. Want to know more? Details about the various influences can be found on the MUSIC page, in the "Required Listening" column. The music reviews are original and updated monthly. You can also download .mp3's and listen for yourself :)


As for me, it all started with a guitar I found in the back of a closet at the age of ten. I honestly can't remember a time when I wasn't playing guitar and writing music. Naturally, I've played in a number of different bands along the way. But all that songwriting has given me quite a pile of songs (200++). So recently, I've been concentrating on putting the music together, in indie music releases. It's been a lot of hard work but I think it's worth it :) It has been, and always will be, my life goal: to make music as good as what my heroes made without copying them. I want to make music that is timeless, that is always fresh and that is stamped with MY soul. No walls, just pure honest, rocking soul music. All of which is why I usually end up awash in sweat after every performance <lol>.

A photo of me and my brother Eric :)
That's me, on the right.

Originally from Rochester (NY) my current residence is Tampa Bay (FL). Why did I move? There's a feel to the South that comes through the music. Whether it's the rough groove of The Black Crowes, the Allman brothers honesty, the North Mississippi All Stars funkiness, the soul FULLness of Al Green, Otis Redding and Tyrone Davis or the honest guitar artistry of Ian Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Chris ALL has that honest, southern, soulful tradition. And that's why I'm here. And right now, you're here too (in spirit at least <g>) I hope you enjoy your visit. Leave a comment if you want, just click here.

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"All the musicians who came before left a map...and it's there for you to use, ignore or add to, but just blatently copying it isn't enough. " -- Bruce Springsteen

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