YouTube video linkHard Luck Time

© 2014 Gary Eisenbraun; all rights reserved.

If I'm alone, then
it's how I choose it to be.
I can't be buried again
by more of the lies
(that keep laughing at me).
But then, it happens again.
It's so predictible.
Like being lost out at sea
with no way to get home.
But, at least I'm alone.

It feels like hard luck time
has come without warning.
No right time, wrong time truth
down on my soul.
A good time, bad time love
has found me this morning.
Now, it's gonna get tough.
Lost deep in the night.
Can't put up a fight.
My own ways and my needs,
it gets the best of me.
I'm just changin' my mind.
I'll lose it this time.

In the back of my mind,
I remember what I want from you.
Now I want to replace you.
But what comes in your place,
is more of the same.
I've just got to break through,
in a different state of mind
and find the heart that's within,
instead of looking for wrong
('cause it's easy to find).


I might go crazy, if I over analyze.
You can see why I have hesitation,
so I can't get hurt.
But it strikes like lightening
coming crashing down.
No way to stop, unless you lock it away.
But, ...that don't solve anything.



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