YouTube video linkRise and Fall

© 2014 Gary Eisenbraun; all rights reserved.

Through love I feel ashamed.
Ran like a fool in the pourin' rain
for hearin' the words inside you.
Pushed aside with no cause,
dragged down by a trumped up flaw.
Must leave you feeling a bit confused.
Tired of blisters and a bruise.
Wondering what I have to do
to lift the wreckage from the storm.

It feels like rain,
how love seems to rise and fall.
The past it slips away,
like it's nothing at all.

Hold my head a little bit low,
by the time you got control.
That let you make up your plan.
I gave you everything you asked.
Now I'm trippin' on the sharpened glass.
Is there anyone who understands?
You took the best you can't deny.
You entered in with open eyes,
but why do you always look away?


I know baby.
You ain't got no sins at all.
The seperation from you,
I can hear it in the call.
I put my heart in you,
right on down the line.
It's just a bump in the road
that you left on, behind
what's so different
from just a month ago.
Might not be easy,
but I watch the wheels roll.

As I move to better days,
break away from old malaise,
all that I got is fortitude.
Some things don't make no sense.
Don't put down my defense.
I ain't givin' up anything to you.
You never know if it's foe or friend.
Won't let it get me in the end,
'cause it's all a cynical game.



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