YouTube video linkHold Tight Baby

© 2014 Gary Eisenbraun; all rights reserved.

Running through the rain to find me,
like a beacon shining through the haze.
I feel my heart is driftin'
back to my weaker days.
My dream's caught in the ocean,
a thousand miles from my home.
Cast aside like a life boat,
I'm left to face the world alone.

And hold tight baby. No more baby.
It's not the way it should be.
Everything wants to displace me.
Time is just a vacant disease.
Hold tight baby. All night baby.
Love is not a terrible dream.
All I am, is (all I got that's)
trapped inside the fool in me.

Life is a never ending distraction.
The only change is day into night.
My fear is a careless reaction
that makes it a day-to-day fight.
I feel like a runaway train
heading for a dangerous place.


Don't know what to tell myself.
Gotta keep the world at bay.
I'm looking for an open window.
If I really got somethin' to say...
just how I got this crippled,
like every other face in the crowd.
The wounds getting deeper and deeper
'cause pain is no use to me now.



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