YouTube video linkMessed Up On My Chances With You

© 2014 Gary Eisenbraun; all rights reserved.

You never mean
all the good things you say.
For so long now,
I tried to play it safe.
Now I hear you.
Your silence
speaks volumes to me.
Pain in the stare
that came under duress,
made more mistakes
than I ever could confess.
Now I fear you.
And... how
much further it can go.

From the moment
that you started crying.
I shoulda
stopped denying.
Now I messed up
on my chances with you.
The truth
was always missing.
That's why
you been resisting.
I messed up
on my chances with you.

We lived in the reality
that became the role.
The nervous laughter
has taken such a tole.
Now I know you,
as you pull farther away.
I find my shelter
within another place.
You might find
that I'm harder to replace.
Now I'll show you.
It's not as easy as it seems.


Maybe hindsight will
really work for you.
I've learned there's consequences
for everything you do.
Now I see you.
Showing fragments of yourself.
Sometimes peace is
elusive for you to see.
Quiet reflection
is all that's left for me.
Now I feel you moving
like you're hung on the wind.



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