YouTube video linkIf I'd Only Known

© 2014 Gary Eisenbraun; all rights reserved.

I won't live forever,
won't waste the time I got.
But I'm not a prisoner baby,
think I'm something that I'm not.
I'll never rule the world,
but that's alright with me.
Just because I'm able,
I won't bow down on my knees.
Do we trust ourselves
when day comes to an end?
We might have our perceptions,
even though we try to bend.

If I only knew
that you were lonely just like me.
I'd wrap you in the night
and let your soul run free.
There's no reason
we can't make it to the dawn.
I want to throw a line,
let our spirits entwine,
not waste our precious time in fear.

Mistakes can multiply.
Wanted to see it for myself.
Any one can be stupid.
Sometimes it's hard to tell.
I washed the part that you soiled,
so you can't hold me down.
I missed so many chances
but it comes on back around.


It might be wishful thinking,
but I've been fooled before.
I will make it clear to you
just what the game is for.
Right in my back pocket
is where the dream resides.
It might lead to nothing
but at least I've got to try.



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