YouTube video linkTime Won’t Make You

© 2014 Gary Eisenbraun; all rights reserved.

I spend my time reliving yesterday,
waiting for fortune to finally come my way.
The very moment when I lost control,
that was when I sold my very soul.
You seemed wiser than you really are,
didn't see the danger in going way too far.
I made changes that I can never get back,
all my worst fears have come to me as fact.

Time won't make you understand.
You took the best side of a man.
You stole my heart and ran away.
I guess I'll see you on judgement day.

Looking sideways outside an open door,
I replayed my mistakes that I made before.
It's so funny how the darkness grows
(rising up from the spirits down below).
I didn't know you could fake desire.
Like pouring gas onto an open fire.


Blind mans bluff is a child's game.
You throw tantrums, not for the blame.
I don't know where reality lies.
Behind each door is a new surprise.
Tainted arrows always come my way,
you can't be bothered to enter into the fray.
You have become so easy to ignore.
I give you everything but still you want more.



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