YouTube video linkLove Ain't Nothing Like It Seems

© 2014 Gary Eisenbraun; all rights reserved.

I turned away 'cause I'm blinded by the light.
I don't know what it means if I stay the night.
From down the corridor the bell tolls for me.
It seems too easy 'cause nothing comes for free.

Maybe baby. Why is the love forgiven?
It makes no difference in the grey line that I'm livin'.
Maybe baby. What gets lost inside the theme?
Our love ain't nothing like it seems...

The ground is sinking low.
The dangers must collide.
Why no penance?
Just what you trying to hide?
Lonesome birds will fly away.
They're not flying in the dark.
It's easy to run away
from whats the hardest part.


Will it be equal? When everything has turned to dust?
There is no place that you can go
when there's no one you can trust.
You know, something that completes the mystery
in my mind, I know that I can't let it be.
I'm no sage. I don't feel no second sight.
Time can heel the wounds, but it sure don't make it right.



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