YouTube video linkWrapped Up in Your Suspicious Mind

© 2014 Gary Eisenbraun; all rights reserved.

The only thing for certain is I need some kind of change.
I tell my story, but the truth gets in the way.
There's nothing new. You're just hearing the same old lie.
t don't matter what's my reason, or what I hope to get.
Your eyes are vacant. I end up soaking wet.
Just what I have to gain. Should I get an alibi?

The lines can be drawn along lives of deceit.
I'm wrapped up in your suspicious mind inbetween.
I'm looking for a promised land before it falls into the sea.

If I'm on my own, then it must be wrong.
Your trigger finger, it doesn't wait too long.
So many implications that come with only a look.
There are no boundaries. I expect the third degree.
When it comes down, it will come down on me.
I want to get back all the missing time that you took.


When you think of me, why don't you see the best?
I stand naked see if I'm up to the test.
I don't know why you let me take it on the chin.
With my thoughts, when I'm sitting all alone,
I know deep down you're only throwing stones.
Let's say farewell, before the darkness begins.


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