YouTube video linkSleepless Every Night

© 2014 Gary Eisenbraun; all rights reserved.

Look at the years that drift away.
It all comes down to what I didn't say.
I know why that there is nothing more.
Tempest eyes look back at me forlorn.

Blindness surrounds me.
Can't see the forest for the trees.
I stand naked, but there's nothing that you can see.
I'm buried in another burdened day.
Although I try, I can't wish it all away.

I'm just sleepless every night.
All the things I didn't make right.
All my time is on a loan
and it feels like it's the end of the road.

One day you're gone. I didn't see it come.
You coulda stayed, but you chose to run.
Communication eludes me once again,
as sure as a harsh blowing wind.


I can't blame you. You did the best you could.
Some isolation will do me some good.
I get bogged down in all the little things.
So, when it ends ...I feel the sting.



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