YouTube video linkYou Know Me Too Well

© 2014 Gary Eisenbraun; all rights reserved.

I've known so long that you've got no inhibition,
but the last piece of the puzzle was missing.
Just when I think you'll take the easy way out,
you walk from the room. Leaving a shadow of doubt.
You must think that I am the trusting kind.
It takes a lot to change my mind.

Sometimes you're a rider on a captain-less ship.
For one moment you let it all slip.
It's nothing baby that I haven't seen before.
One way or another, you'll find your way to shore.

You know me baby just a little too well,
to think that your secret I ever would tell.
Under the bridge, away from the rain,
you know that I still feel the same ...about you.

Shoulda let go all of the places that you're messin'.
I put it down to a matter of discretion.
You stayed too long on the wrong side of town.
It shouldn't come as a surprise when those people let you down.


Trust in me baby. I know time will erase.
After it's over, when you get a little space,
I hope you noticed how I stayed by your side.
I'll be right here when past and future collide.



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