YouTube video linkBroken Mirror

© 2014 Gary Eisenbraun; all rights reserved.

Under a deadline that never seems to come,
you look around you to see where you're from.
Are you the one rising above the rest?
To yourself, it's too hard to confess.

Can't stop the rhythm that's locked inside your head.
Maybe you shoulda listened to someone else instead.
It would be a shame to live inside a box.
It makes no difference, being someone that you're not.

And it you see the writing on the wall,
you wonder why you can believe it all.
Behind the mirror, the meanings always change.
Too much effort to assess the blame.

A house of cards as the wind begins to blow.
An ivory tower to what goes on below.
Through your breeding you've become the chosen one.
You're way ahead even before the race has won.

You make concessions, so you can save some face.
Undo the mask that only time can erase.
Don't worry, they'll never see the truth.
Time is standing still.
You will always have your youth.


And there's an ocean that I'd like to sell to you...
Isn't it a pity when you have to make do?
It cuts deep when you've never known despair.
The eyes among you, they are circling everywhere.

Look at yourself to see what is real,
unless the burden is too much to really feel.
When it's smashed, the pieces never fit.
No lesson learned when you don't change a bit.



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