YouTube video linkThe Truth Can Set You Free

© 2014 Gary Eisenbraun; all rights reserved.

The highs and lows.
What's so amazing?
Breaking down love's investigation.
You say, farewell.
Don't say, good bye.
I take my chance with loaded dice.

I don't know why,
but love can be so sad.
But in my state of mind,
it was the best one that I had.

I hear no thunder,
feel no rain.
Your dark eyes take me down again.
It might be shallow.
That's no excuse.
You make the bomb. I light the fuse.

I feel the waves
crushing down on me.
But the truth little baby,
I know can set you free.

There's nothing learned
if you feel no pain.
Do what you're doing.
It will stay the same.
You're just laughing at the writing on the wall.
Desperation..., it don't matter at all

Break my heart.
Take my mind.
'Cause all we have is borrowed time.
See through changes.
Lean into the light.
Another dog with the same old bite.

You played out your hand.
Now you're on the move.
You had a chance,
but your soul you couldn't prove.
I feel the waves
crashing down on me.
Crashin' baby.
Crashin' baby.

But the truth,
I know it can set you free.


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