YouTube video linkTears On the Water

© 2014 Gary Eisenbraun; all rights reserved.

Danger in the morning light.
Love has gone away.
One false move in the trembling night
and here is where I stay.
So I reel.
I'm burning up my soul tonight.
Got nothing left to burn.
I make believe that it serves me right.
Nowhere else to turn.
So I bleed...

Love comes falling from the mountain.
I hope the morning never comes.
All these tears, out on the water.

Sometimes I tell myself
that I can't stand a chance.
Deep inside you'd never tell
that I'm weakened by the dance.
I can't see.
I watch the time go by.
Run away..., I'm in reverse.
Everything is just a lie.
Changed to what is worse,
inside of me.


I'll just roll along
making nothing last.
Wondering where my chance has gone...
I walk on broken glass
in front of me.
One day, I will turn the tide.
The time is overdue.
Everything I've tried to hide
will finally come to you.
What I need...



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