YouTube video linkFooling Myself

© 2014 Gary Eisenbraun; all rights reserved.

If I can own a sense of sorrow,
I'd make it better
with just a smile and a wink.
I feel a longing for tomorrow...
I want to jump over
because the ship is gonna sink.

I was looking back
at all the ways I've wasted time.
I was just trying to keep
my soul between the lines.
I used to think that if I needed,
I would get your help.
Now I know I was just fooling myself.

Now I am a little wiser than before.
Over my shoulder,
instead if looking straight ahead.
Was I wrong to want some more?
I shouldn't let you
keep messing with my head.

You're not an angel.
You're a thorn unto my side.
You tried to play me
but your intentions couldn't hide.
It's so far away...
Learn how to turn the wheel.
Weighed down in water,
nothing else to feel.

Some day I will try to bide my time.
There is no laughter
in this terrible dream.
One day..., I'll be back in a little while.
I lived an angle that's not so easy to see.



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