YouTube video linkHeartache To Come

© 2014 Gary Eisenbraun; all rights reserved.

I don't even know my name,
but if you want I'll take the blame.
But sometimes, I've gotta move.
I know better than to treat you bad
and lose the best love that I ever had.
The reasons why? They just elude.
But what I see written on your face,
a couple of words I could erase...
Would be enough to get me through.

I'll keep running until my dying day,
'cause I've been hurt in oh so many ways.
Can I undo what has just begun?
I'm not ready for the heartache to come.

I've learned to scale these prison walls
so now I feel nothing at all.
Too long spent staring at the sun.
You made me think about myself.
I'd rather look at someone else.
Do you know just what you've done?


The world is turning,
but I must be turned the other way.
I'm going under,
riding on a crest of a wave.
All on my own.
Look at the walls that I've made.

A fortune spent on my defense
will cut into my confidence.
Live with a faded point of view.
Shoulda thought about it more,
...about what it is I'm looking for.
Now I got the lonely blues.
Wait to see if I can ride it out,
where it ends is my own fault.
Maybe I should open up my mind



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