CD website: The Moon Series (guitar 3 ways).

Three completely different CDs, one release date...

Artist Statement: This website is focused on The Moon Series, a collection of music which pulls together all three aspects of my musical being -- acoustic, instrumental & electric, guitar-driven rock. You could call it a guitar series because although these are three completely different styles of music, they have one common denominator: the guitar. PLUS: all three CDs are being released at the same time, which is why I'm calling this my “simultaneous trilogy”. It's an ambitious project, but I kind of like challenges. I hope you enjoy listening to them.

So. Here you go. These are the three CDs from The Moon Series...

  • Part I, the Moon Series -- Liar's Moon.

    Electric guitar-driven, blues influenced, original rock 'n roll music. There are 12 songs on the CD. The song lyrics, etc. can be found in this section of the site.

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  • Part II, the Moon Series -- Moon Shine.

    Stripped down, original rock music with acoustic song structures. It's a departure from my main love, electric guitar-driven rock ‘n roll, but I do like to mix things up and hate getting in a rut. There are 12 songs on this CD. This section contains song lyrics, etc.

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  • Part III, the Moon Series -- Turbulent Moon.

    An instrumental CD packed with dense electric guitar music. Start to finish, Turbulent Moon took me three weeks to complete. I enjoy creating instrumentals. There’s a freedom to the music that allows me to reach emotions that I couldn't get to otherwise. This CD contains 11 songs. No lyrics here (of course). LOL. Enjoy!

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