CD website: The Moon Series (guitar 3 ways).

The Moon Series, Part II:

Moon Shine.

COMING SOON (2016)...  A remastered, remixed album with YouTube Channel sorts of additions, a music player, etc. Stay tuned.

All songs © 2008 Gary Eisenbraun; all rights reserved.
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1. Moaning In The Rain
2. Time Is Marching On 6:08  
3. Love's Got Me On The Run 4:19  
4. Too Much For Me 4:15  
5. Ghosts 4:16  
6. As Big Wheels Roll 4:03  
7. I Get Turned Around 4:55  
8. Got To Make A New Plan 4:09  
9. Nothing New Under The Sun 4:29  
10. Another Stone In The Road 4:47  
11. Empty To Me 4:47  
12. The Truth Is In Your Eyes 3:55  

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CD #2, Moon Shine.
Stripped down, original rock music with acoustic flavors.

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CD: Moon Shine
Genre: Adult Alternative
Released: Jan. 2008
Label: Vision Childe
Artist: Gary Eisenbraun
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Moonshine provides a chance to hear Eisenbraun, without the weight of heavy production. Here, the emotional quality of the song and the performance carries the music. First stop: the deep blues of "Moaning In The Rain", full of delta imagery and crying slide guitar. Other Moonshine highlights include the evocative "Love's Got Me On The Run", the playful "Ghosts", a big burst of soulshine in "As Big Wheels Roll" and the driving grooves of "Another Stone In The Road". The tracks of Moonshine let us see another side of Eisenbraun's musical personality taking shape. This is where the songs must stand on their own. The acoustic guitar and the voice tell the story here.

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