CD website: The Moon Series (guitar 3 ways).

The Moon Series, Part I:

Liar's Moon.

COMING SOON (2016)...  A remastered, remixed album with YouTube Channel sorts of additions, a music player, etc. Stay tuned.

All songs © 2008 Gary Eisenbraun; all rights reserved.
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1. Stepping ’Cross The Line
2. Wrecking Ball 3:47  
3. Whenever The Wind Blows 6:48  
4. Crashing Inside 4:29  
5. Searching For The Cure 4:28  
6. Waiting For A New World 5:39  
7. Holding Back The Fire 4:55  
8. Alibi Road 5:41  
9. They Just Don't Understand 5:57  
10. Liar's Moon 5:33  
11. Mystery Rider 6:13  
12. Flood 3:22  

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CD #1, Liar's Moon.
Electric guitar-driven, blues influenced, original rock 'n roll music.

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CD: Liar's Moon
Genre: Rock
Released: Jan. 2008
Label: Vision Childe
Artist: Gary Eisenbraun

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On Liar's Moon, you can hear Gary Eisenbraun's influences mutating into something fresh and new. Eisenbraun is not satisfied with repeating the same soul, blues and Zeppelin inspired rock mix as before. This is something new. Here, the soul steps up and becomes hypnotic, fiery grooves lead the listener down new corridors of musicality. "They Just Don't Understand", "Waiting For A New World", and "Stepping 'Cross That LIne" take the urban feel of early 70s Motown and turn it around 180 degrees. The blues are there but they have become epic, as in "Whenever The Wind Blows" which features some of Eisenbraun's finest soul drenched guitar work. Then everything is turned around once again as the CD closes out with the haunting "Flood" -- a delicate, hurricane fueled acoustic vamp.

Liar's Moon is a most complete and satisfying picture into the varied, guitar-driven world of Gary Eisenbraun.

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