© 2009/2015 Gary Eisenbraun.

I hear your whispers,
but I don't hear what you say.
You tell me to mind my own business.
I should turn the other way.
What's so important
that you keep behind my back?
I just asked a question.
I don't deserve to be attacked.


With all your secrecy,
I don't know just where I stand.
Or does it even matter?
Do I fit into your plan?
I'm running 'round in circles.
It feels like I'm alone.
With all your secrecy,
I can't find my home.


I don't want to hover.
Don't want to take your privacy.
But I've got this feeling,
that it has to do with me.
Something changes,
when I walk on through the door.
I have done my best for you.
I should get a little more.




All you do is what you want to do.
You don't worry about the cost.
All I've got is this third degree.
Seems like the situation's lost.


You should see the looks,
if I get home too soon.
You'd better try harder
to make me out your fool,
'cause I know you better
than you even know yourself.
I've got the right to know,
if you're seeing someone else.





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CD: Ghost Notes
Genre: Rock
Released: Jan. 2009 / re-mixed 2015.
Label: Vision Childe
© 2009/2015 Gary Eisenbraun; all rights reserved.


This is a solo work. Guitars, vocals, bass, drum programming & percussion by Gary Eisenbraun. Produced, engineered and mastered by Gary Eisenbraun. Manufactured & recorded at Vision Childe Productions.

Photography & artwork by Chris Eisenbraun; printed at Eisenbraun Studios. Artwork © 2009/2015 Eisenbraun Studios.

All rights reserved, unless otherwise noted. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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