Ghost Notes.

Guitar-driven, blues influenced, SOULfull rock music.

RELEASE DATE: 03/10/15 || Originally released Jan. 2009, this album has been re-mastered, re-mixed and re-imagined per today's standards. Additional, brand new songs have also been added. PLUS: the full album stream (audio) is up on YouTube. Enjoy.

Songs © 2009/re-mixed 2015 Gary Eisenbraun.
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Beckoning Lonely
2 Point Of No Return  
3 Until I Forget You
4 If You Could Change The World  
5 Secrecy
6 I Won't Give It A Thought  
7 My Heart Breaks Differently  
8 Got Lucky  
9 Where My Pride Has Gone  
10 Twisting In The Wind  
11 Legend In Your Own Mind  
12 To Be A Survivor  
13 Distant Thunder  
14 Just A Fantasy  
15 Turn It Back On You  
16 2:15  
17 Too Much Of A Good Thing  
18 The Best Of What I Got  
19 Gotta Move On  
20 A Moan For Love  

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