Tell me about your music, Gary...

Notes from a recent interview with Gary Eisenbraun.

Q: Gary, how would YOU describe your music?

A: That's a hard one. My music doesn't sound like blues or soul, it's rock and roll music. But those influences do run deep and you can find that in this new double CD release. You could call it a marriage between blues, soul and rock and roll (where each one is represented).

Q: This is your thirteenth release. What would you say is different (between the making of this CD and your first release)?

A: Every CD is a learning experience. Doing everything yourself (wearing so many hats), you have to get good at things you never envisioned that you would have to do. I started out as just a guitar player. Now I do a whole lot more and sometimes it's hard to find time to just play guitar.

Q: Do you find it difficult not to repeat yourself as a songwriter?

A: Songwriting isn't hard for me. I've written hundreds of songs. The lyrical aspect, however (writing something you haven't written before) that can be a challenge. Songwriting is a war of attrition. If you just keep writing, eventually you'll have stuff you'll feel good about. But, if you just keep writing... that is the key. Besides, as you get older, you view life differently. You look back on songs you wrote when you were young and you wonder if it's the same person because your view on people definitely changes as you learn MORE about them. In that regards, you always have something new to write about.