Second Second Wind lyrics, song #5:

"Gotta Change The Rules."

Be careful what you wish for.
You might just get your way.
Take it or leave it,
it's a choice that has been made.
There are no guarantees.
It's best that you beware.
'Cause what's around the corner,
isn't goin' anywhere.

Was it just a version
for what is really wrong?
This is not my destiny.
This is not where I belong.
Fate has its way of keeping
the upper hand.
Here I am back at the start.
Now I'm a broken man

(Chorus) It's all over
but nothing really changed.
I'm left here with the crying,
but I can't turn the page.
More wasted time
as the truth goes 'round and 'round.
This revolution
and time has let me down.
There's nothing left to do.
I've got to change the rules.

I took the path that's easy
so I could get my thrill.
Now I tumbled down
to the bottom of the hill.
I made the deal
now there's no turning back.
Now the world is upside down.
The sky is turning black.


Searching in the lion's den
to make my way home.
I can feel a presence
even though I am alone.
Nothing's as good as
you think it's gonna be.
I was given what I wanted,
but it wasn't what I need.


There's nothing left to do.
I've got to change the rules.


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