Second Second Wind lyrics, song #3:

"Trying To Get Back Home."

Swimmin' in the devil's sea,
gotta throw me out a line.
Just can't seem to work it out
but still I keep on tryin'.
Like a force of nature,
you keep bringing me back my thrill.
To the depths of desperation,
but it's not against my will.

(Chorus) You give me fever
way down below.
You give me fever.
I'm trying to get back home.

Tearin' down the secret walls
that saturate by fire.
Undetered by my defenses,
you reach a little higher.
Give me love with a feelin'
not weakened by remorse.
You just do what's natural
and let the rest just take its course.


(Bridge) I'm runnin' all night.
I'm down on my knees.
Like a runaway train.
Don't you bury me.

Just trying to get back home.

You give me fever.
It's a whirlwind ride.
Got no resistance baby.
Danger on my mind.

Just trying to get back home.

Like a fool in the dark
that can't see the rain.
I'm running in circles.
Don't know my name.

Just trying to get back home.


Just trying to get back home.


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SECOND SECOND WIND -- The extra songs CD packaged with the purchase of "Second Wind". Two guitar-driven, blues influenced, rock and roll music CDs from Gary Eisenbraun, released March 2010 on the Vision Childe label.
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CREDITS, ETC. -- This is a solo work. Guitars, vocals, bass, drum programming & percussion by Gary Eisenbraun. Produced, engineered and mastered by Gary Eisenbraun. Manufactured & recorded at Vision Childe Productions. All songs © 2010 Gary Eisenbraun. CD artwork by Chris Eisenbraun, © 2010 Eisenbraun Studios.

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Second Wind