Second Second Wind lyrics, song #7:

"Out In The Rain."

I see no sunshine baby, all I see is blame.
Who hid the blue sky and left behind the pain?
You say there's better times that lie ahead.
I think I'll crawl into my neurotic hole instead.

(Chorus) I'm out in the rain since you walked away.
All I do is complain about this rainy day.

Blown like rooftop when the hurricane left town.
I'd take to the ocean but my ship has run aground.
Last thing you told me is that everything's ok.
You should see it from my eyes, it's a little bit too late.


I've wasted all my chance to turn the tables round.
I can't see the future when the rain is coming down.
I look outside my window but I can't see the change.
I need some more perspective so I can turn the page.



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SECOND SECOND WIND -- The extra songs CD packaged with the purchase of "Second Wind". Two guitar-driven, blues influenced, rock and roll music CDs from Gary Eisenbraun, released March 2010 on the Vision Childe label.
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CREDITS, ETC. -- This is a solo work. Guitars, vocals, bass, drum programming & percussion by Gary Eisenbraun. Produced, engineered and mastered by Gary Eisenbraun. Manufactured & recorded at Vision Childe Productions. All songs © 2010 Gary Eisenbraun. CD artwork by Chris Eisenbraun, © 2010 Eisenbraun Studios.

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Second Wind