Second Second Wind lyrics, song #6:

"By The Light Of The Moon."

When I feel the world closing in
tell me what you're doing to save me.
Looks like it's over before it begins
and you're only here to encage me.
It's one way in. And one way out.
Over burdened by the mystery of youth
when the day is over and the lights go out.
Both of us know what's the truth...
What's the truth.

(Chorus) Been tryin' to make a connection.
Make it with you.
We've been movin' in a different direction.
Where could it be?
I've been wondering what's your intention.
Say it to me.
Nothing changes by the light of the moon.
When you're gone.

It take a little more discretion
when you talk about where you have been.
When you live in the shambles,
there's no way you can defend.
One man's love is another man's pain.
It's hard to tell which is an act.
Once you've gone over to the dark side of life
there's no way you can come back.
You can come back.


Why do you feign superstition,
when you can never outrun what is real.
The only way I can help you

Another version of the golden rule
will help to just rip us apart.
maybe we could meet in the middle,
that's where understanding starts.
Where it starts...


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