Second Second Wind lyrics, song #2:

"Your World Not Mine."

Time don't amount to nothing,
just another part of a changing world.
You do what is easy...
it doesn't really matter who gets hurt.
Demons on your shoulder
tell you everything you want to hear.
You're not so different.
You're running away from what you fear.

(Chorus) I can see it's in the meaning, not the rule.
It's in your head
that you can't stand to even play the fool.
You make believe that all is fine.
But this is your world, it ain't mine.

I can see your shadow,
it's not the place where truth begins.
Don't worry about burning bridges
or who has the power to do you in.
I wonder what you're thinking?
Sorrow is just a thin disguise.
I'm the one who feels sadness,
you're the one who just survives.


You're the one who's the real prisoner
when you drift outside the lines.
You're gonna need me someday,
it's just only a matter of time.
You're word ain't worth a damn.
Ripples conspire in an empty sea.
When you've lost it all,
don't you come acryin' to me.



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SECOND SECOND WIND -- The extra songs CD packaged with the purchase of "Second Wind". Two guitar-driven, blues influenced, rock and roll music CDs from Gary Eisenbraun, released March 2010 on the Vision Childe label.
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CREDITS, ETC. -- This is a solo work. Guitars, vocals, bass, drum programming & percussion by Gary Eisenbraun. Produced, engineered and mastered by Gary Eisenbraun. Manufactured & recorded at Vision Childe Productions. All songs © 2010 Gary Eisenbraun. CD artwork by Chris Eisenbraun, © 2010 Eisenbraun Studios.

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Second Wind