Second Wind lyrics, song #1:

"And Make It Shine."

It's a brand new world, a brand new age.
But you can't seem to turn the page.
What you want is to be free,
but I won't fill your walls with sympathy.
You're a savior here for all mankind,
put in a place to lead the blind.
Be careful. There's a price to pay.
The time will come when you won't get your way.

(Chorus) You don't know it but your lustre is gone.
The dream inside your head is going wrong.
You can forge a new excuse to buy some time.
But there's no laughter in the rain.
Up ahead you feel pain, and make it shine.

You can change your story until it makes sense.
But you'll never get your innocence.
Remember when you were always right.
Everything you do has its own light.
You find out now that you're doing time.
Couldn't seem to walk the line.
What you see is what you get.
The hardest part is coming yet.


You can feel your chances closing fast.
What is easy don't seem to last.
There are consequences for what you do.
Now your world has its own rules.
Don't you come a crying to me.
It's right in your face but you can't see.
You can't run to home no more.
Is this what you're living for?



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SECOND WIND -- A guitar-driven, blues influenced, rock 'n roll music CD by Gary Eisenbraun, released March 2010 on the Vision Childe label.
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CREDITS, ETC. -- This is a solo work. Guitars, vocals, bass, drum programming & percussion by Gary Eisenbraun. Produced, engineered and mastered by Gary Eisenbraun. Manufactured & recorded at Vision Childe Productions. All songs © 2010 Gary Eisenbraun. CD artwork by Chris Eisenbraun, © 2010 Eisenbraun Studios.

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